SEI EPC ITALIA  - Cod. Fiscale / Partita IVA / N° Reg. Imprese BS 00274240175
                                       INTER.E.M - Cod. Fiscale / Partita IVA / N° Reg. Imprese AL 01611400068

The origins of
SEI EPC ITALIA date back to 1933, when the company was founded in Ghedi, Brescia, by a local  family of industrialists. They initially focused on the defence industry, later branching out into explosives for civilian use.

In 1967
SEI EPC ITALIA joined the French group E.P.C. (Explosifs et Produits Chimiques), a leader in the production of explosives for civilian use and composite materials established in 1893. The E.P.C. Group, together with its associates, operates in all the main European countries, as well as Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

In the 1970s
SEI EPC ITALIA created Sarda Esplosivi Industriali, focusing more on the production of civilian explosives, which are used in mining, construction and demolition work.

Thanks to its rapid expansion in the sector of civilian explosives,
SEI EPC ITALIA more than doubled its market shares between 2000 and 2010 following the takeover of INTER.E.M., a company with a decade’s experience in the business.

In 2010
SEI EPC ITALIA decided to dispose of the defence business and concentrated entirely on marketing civilian explosives and accessories, supported by numerous depots located all over Italy. SEI EPC ITALIA also offers a full range of advisory services on blasting and civilian explosives, using its own team of highly specialised personnel.

In 2011
SEI EPC ITALIA sold its production activity and became one of the most important product distributors and service providers in the field of explosives for civilian use.